We place particular emphasis on a work-life balance. Therefore we offer not only full-time positions but also part-time positions on all career levels.

This level of flexibility makes it possible to combine family and work permanently and is also a solution for exceptional situations that may occur, e.g. due to long-term illness or having to care for a dependent.

  • It is extremely important to me to set up a law firm which genuinely supports the compatibility of exciting and challenging work and family life.
  • The desire for time with your own family and professional development is not perceived as a conflict here – this is a refreshing attitude that makes day-to-day life more pleasant.
    Managing Associate
  • Work-Life Balance means for us a family friendly organisation that sees the individual not only as an employee but also as someone with a responsibility towards their family. PWL puts this into practice skillfully.
  • PWL supports my professional development and further education with flexible working hours. I really appreciate this consideration as it is not a given.
  • At PUSCH WAHLIG LEGAL the possibility of working part-time or from home as advertised by many other law firms becomes a reality. For me this was a determining factor in my choice of employer.

PWWL doesn’t just talk about work-life balance, but puts it into practice.

Five of the twelve partners work part-time. A significant number of our lawyers works flexible hours, partly from home. PWWL offers working hours according to the part-time models “PWWL Family” and “PWWL Flex”. For more information, please read here. There are also employees in our support team that work part-time.

We care for our employees’ health and their well-being. In addition to annual health days, we offer our employees daily fresh fruit, regular massages and regular yoga lessons during lunch-time.