Lawyers (f/m/diverse)

We are always looking for excellent lawyers with a background in labor and employment law. Here you are assured of working on exciting labor law mandates at the highest level.

We will make sure that experienced colleagues will guide you when you start with us and onward through your professional development. An experienced colleague will be assigned to you as your “personal buddy” and will be there for you with help and advice, day and night.

Our Four-Eyes-Principle and direct client contact will help you to develop your professional abilities quickly in an international environment. We will support you if you wish to do a part-time PhD or, if you wish to train as a specialist lawyer for employment law.

Your career path at Pusch Wahlig Workplace Law is completely transparent. You will start with us as an associate. During your time working as an associate, the focus will lie on your professional and legal training. You will work closely with a partner and will have direct contact with clients from the outset.

You may become a managing associate with us, at the earliest after three years of being a licenced lawyer. Your appointment as partner occurs at the earliest after five years, which is significantly earlier than in any large legal firm.

Trainee lawyers and research assistants (f/m/diverse)

With us, trainee lawyers have the chance to work on practical cases either during their placement and practical training or during their work experience. In doing so, we ensure that the work with us complies with exam preparation.

Naturally, this placement and practical training offers trainee lawyers a chance to get to know each other better than in the usual application procedure. The beginning of this process is made easier by having a “personal buddy” who, as well as your official expert instructor, will be there for you with help and advice.

Even if you have not yet started your placement and practical training but have passed your first legal state examination with excellent results and have already acquired extensive knowledge in the area of employment law, we would be happy to have you apply as a research assistant in our firm.

Our application process

A fundamental part of our application process is the expert discussion. Such a discussion will be conducted with applicants of all levels – from reseach assistant to partner. The goal of such an expert discussion is to create a sense of a possible cooperation when working with our clients.

Teamwork is an essential component of our work and our conviction and it is therefore something we like to convey as early as possible. The expert discussion will either be taking place during our first or a later meeting.