PWWL College and Know-How-Lunch

Our lawyers, trainee lawyers and research assistants meet every fortnight for a working lunch to discuss the latest legal jurisdictions, legal issues or cases they are dealing with at present. Thus, a regular Know-How-Transfer takes place. Furthermore, there are talks on special topics of employment law that offer an in-depth view and ensuing discussion on practice-relevant topics.

This exchange of information takes place quarterly under the auspices of the PWWL College. Associates hold talks on different basic but current employment law topics. Participants are not only legal staff currently employed at the firm but also future as well as former employees. In this way, an alumni reunion takes place at the same time.

Specialist solicitor training

The practical work that is done on clients’ cases offers adequate scope to fulfil the number of cases needed for the practical part of the training. The firm ensures adequate scope for the theoretical part of the training and fully covers the cost incurred.


We offer an English course, which takes place every fortnight in our office and which our lawyers as well as non-legal staff are welcome to attend.

Office training

Once a year all non-legal staff participate in an inhouse Office training. Legal staff is also welcome to join.